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Embark on a rare and limited journey into the digital realm with our exclusive Leisure Gang NFT drop. There will only be 777 of these unique digital collectibles, each representing a distinct character from the culturally diverse Leisure Gang.

Leisure Gang NFT & ICEE Token

Welcome to the vibrant world of Leisure Gang—an NFT collection inspired by art, music and the energy of diverse cultures. Born from the fusion of creative minds, Leisure Gang characters are a celebration of youth, hobbies, and the boundless spirit of play.

Claim Your Spot in the Gang

Claim your exclusive Leisure Gang NFT and become part of this digital revolution. Each NFT is a visual representation of your support for youth culture and the joy of play. But that's not all; it's also your gateway to the ICEE token.

Seize the ICEE

The ICEE token is the heartbeat of the Leisure Gang NFT. By minting your NFT, you unlock the potential for ICEE token rewards. The first 7 minters receive a generous airdrop of 777 ICEE tokens, followed by 77 ICEE tokens for the next set of 7, and 7 ICEE tokens for the subsequent group of 7 minters.

Embark on a Digital Journey

Whether you're diving into the ICEE token rewards or representing Leisure Gang as your digital avatar, your journey starts here. Share your story with us—tell us about your favorite childhood hobby or toy. We're building a community that cherishes creativity, diversity, and the everlasting spirit of play.

Seize the ICEE

NFTs and Token Rewards

Embark on a digital journey with ICEE, the token that breathes life into the Leisure Gang NFT collection. Seize your exclusive Leisure Gang NFT and open the door to ICEE token rewards.

The first 7 creators in our digital universe will receive a bounty of 777 ICEE tokens.

Following them, the next set of 7 will enjoy 77 ICEE tokens, and the subsequent group of 7 minters will receive 7 ICEE tokens each.


  • 1st

    Seven Minters (#1 ⇢ #8)
    〔 Airdropped 777 ICEE Tokens 〕

  • 2nd

    Seven Minters (#9 ⇢ #16)
    〔 Airdropped 77 ICEE Tokens 〕

  • 3rd

    Seven Minters (#17 ⇢ #24)
    〔 Airdropped 7 ICEE Tokens 〕

For everyone else, your journey begins with a bespoke Leisure Gang character, a symbol of your dedication to youth culture and the ethos of play. Be part of the digital revolution—mint your Leisure Gang NFT today and step into a world where leisure meets innovation!

If you already own ICEE token, you can start staking it to earn now!

token explainer

Raffle Prizes Showcase

Explore Our Exciting Array of Prizes Up for Grabs

Available to win for NFT holders

#1 - #77

#78 - #777

How it works

We understand that this is a new concept, so let us elaborate.

  • 1

    Purchase a Leisure Gang NFT
    If you are one of the first 77 purchases, your prize options change – see above
  • 2

    Wait until the collection sells out
  • 3

    Follow us on Instagram @shma.plex for the raffle date announcement.
VIPs & Limited
Edition Drops

We're rolling out the red carpet for our most dedicated shmaplex.com shoppers! As a token of our gratitude for your unwavering support, our VIP members get an extra special treat. Every January 31st, we'll be airdropping ICEE tokens to our Gold, Silver, and Bronze VIPs based on their shopping tiers. Here's how the sweet distribution works:

  • VIP Member Brackets

  • Gold

    Reserved a cool 500 ICEE tokens, split evenly among all Gold VIPs.

    Achieve Gold VIP status by making 8 or more purchases

  • silver

    A generous 250 ICEE tokens, divided equally among the Silver VIP community.

    Secure Silver VIP status with 6 to 7 purchases

  • bronze

    A delightful 150 ICEE tokens, to be shared equally among our cherished Bronze VIP members.

    Earn Bronze VIP status by making 4 to 5 purchases

It's our way of saying thanks for being a crucial part of the Shmaplex journey. Stay tuned, the ICEE celebration is an annual event you won't want to miss!

Discord Buzz 🤷‍♂️

In an effort to combat negativity, we decided to inject a little positivity by adding some of these characters to the collection.

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Leisure Gang Playlists

A collection of playlists from the Leisure Gang

Enjoyed by: @sapsapfb

Enjoyed by: @levelbevel

Enjoyed by: @avotoast

Enjoyed by: @shlemba


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Right now, we only have the ability to embed Spotify playlists. If you have a playlist you'd like to share and you are a holder of a Leisure Gang NFT, please send us an email to team@shmaplex.com with a link to it.

The NFT <ERC-721>

Unlock exclusive privileges with our ERC-721 NFTs. Each NFT symbolizes support for global culture and play.

Built on Ethereum, they're a symbol of ownership and digital leisure. ERC-721 captures unique attributes, making each NFT truly one-of-a-kind. Join a global movement and embrace a world where leisure knows no bounds.

Thank you for joining the Leisure Gang revolution!

Together, we're creating a community where play knows no boundaries, and the spirit of Leisure Gang thrives. Your journey with us has just begun – stay tuned for more exclusive drops, collaborations, and surprises. Cheers to the future of play!

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